CCAS is a charitable and educational non-profit organization dedicated to furthering responsible breeding, companion bird ownership and the advancement of aviculture.  Members include a variety of bird owners – everything from beginners with one pet to longtime aviculturists with hundreds of breeder birds.

Become a Member–Join Now!  email for an application,  fill out application and mail to Central California Avian Society, PO Box 5067, Fresno, CA 93755.

Meeting Times
Raffle prizes, refreshments and friends.  CCAS meets on the second Sunday of the month at 2:00 PM at the SPCA Education Center, 103 S.  Hughes in Fresno, CA.  You do not need to be a member to attend.  See Events for upcoming speakers.

CCAS Board of Directors meeting follows the general meeting.  All CCAS members are welcome to attend board meetings.



What CCAS does…

CCAS presents monthly programs offering information for the housing, nutrition, breeding, health and behavioral concerns of various kinds of birds.  These programs may be lectures, slide, video or PowerPoint presentations, roundtable discussions, demonstrations, or aviary field trips.  Our friendly meetings offer fun raffles, yummy desserts and discussions of “What’s in the nest box?” and “What do you have to buy, sell or trade.”

CCAS Newsletter is published and mailed to all members on a monthly basis along with an annual Membership Directory.  Advertising is accepted and included in the monthly Newsletter.  Advertising is free to members.

CCAS maintains a member’s Library.  Members may check out books and videos at the regular monthly meetings.  

CCAS sponsors two Bird Marts each year.  They are held the first Sunday in June and November at the Fresno County Fairgrounds.  These are the largest bird marts in Central California and are well attended by the public. 

CCAS donates a percentage of the money raised by admissions to the semi-annual Bird Marts to selected non-profit organizations that support avian conservation programs, or which promote responsible aviculture.  During the last 10 years in excess of $12,000 has been donated to support the birds of the  Chaffee Zoo.  Other organizations include the World Parrot Trust, Disease and Behavioral research, American Federation of Aviculture, Central California SPCA and various other conservation efforts.